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Moors Theatre
57 Park Road
Crouch End 
N8 8SY
Tel: 020 -8348-4161

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What's On

DATES: 5th & 6th August

Doors: 19:30  Start: 20:00

Rhys Morgan: Politically Bereft...(No Offence...but)

Debut  headline show for rising comedian, Rhys Morgan. A man who openly doesn't understand governmental or social politics, and has no desire to be politically correct. Joined by a few smaller sets by some of his funniest friends from the London unsigned comedy scene.

DATES: 11th,12th, 13th August 2016                        Tickets Available from: www.camdenfringe.com
Doors; 19;30   Start: 20:00

A gritty, often harsh, yet ultimately uplifting compilation of extraordinary and extreme

circumstances, daily life, and the beauty of love, connection and truth, as three performers

interweave their own, very personal, experiences of war, death and prison, in a moving

melody of poetry and prose.

A charity director, and sometime comic and actor, Simon J Shepherd worked as a

psychologist in prisons across the country throughout the 1990s. Simon will read from "Pork

scratchings anyone?", a collection of short stories about his experiences.

Abigail Kessel is, among other things, a dancer, choreographer, teacher and performer. She

cared for, and ultimately mothered, her own mother during the last years of her life, and Abi

will perform a selection of poetry about that time.

Mariem Omari is a writer and performer who spent five years working as a humanitarian in

the Middle East and North Africa during the Arab Revolutions. Mariem will read extracts

from her new play, "Staring Out Of Windows", about what that was like.

Dates: 17,18,19,20th August 2016             Tickets available from: www.camdenfringe.com
Doors: 19:30   Start: 20:00

A new one woman show written and performed by Elaine Fellows.

Elaine's first solo show "Decibels" was written whilst she was studying at Guildhall School of Music and Drama last year. After performing it in her final year it was chosen to be transferred to The Royal Theatre in The Hague alongside three other solo shows. Following four successful sold out nights, Elaine began to develop a longer and more in depth piece when she returned home. Focusing around similar themes and ideas and using what she had learnt from audience feedback in past performances; "The Little Blue Bowl" was born.

We meet Stephanie, a young twenty-something year old trying and failing to "adult." She's doing her best. Unfortunately her best involves too much vodka, minimum wage and questionable toilet etiquette. This is a journey down a bumpy road, starting where we think we will be in life and surprising us at where we actually end up. Often it is the little things that teach us the biggest lessons, and Steph really does have a lot to learn.

This show is for anyone that's ever got in bed at night and breathed a sigh of relief, happy they just made it through another day looking like they know what they are doing.

DATES: 23rd August                                           Tickets available from: www.camdenfringe.com

Doors; 19:30  Start: 20:00

Enter MIA, interstellar artist. Her mission - to create a space of her own on a newly found planet, armed with an archive of different lives, waiting to be transferred into this new space. However, ownership and patronage don't seem to change when you escape Earth's atmosphere...

DATES: 24th,25th,26th,27th,28th                        Tickets available from: www.camdenfringe.com
Doors: 19:30   Start: 20:00

Life in your twenties. You have so many goals: the persuit of happiness, love a career...But what are these hurdles along the way? How is it possible to surround yourself with people but feel so alone?

Meaningless sex, the torrent of drugs and parties, a boyfriend addicted to porn,spirituality and parents who just don't get.......it.